Kenneth Watterworth

Westport, Connecticut

Kenneth Watterworth Westport, CT

My Story

As a business owner for over 40 years, I’ve seen many changes in how people interact with the companies they frequent. Working for my first company in 1977 after college and have always enjoyed the challenge of building a product or service that solves a problem my customers face. I believe in developing customer relationships by establishing trust.


In college, I majored in Business Administration and Finance. I was intrigued by the nuances of managing multiple personalities and allowing each team member to contribute equally. I learned early on that everyone on the team has a specialty to offer. Whether it be people skills or problem-solving, knowing what each person on your team specializes in early on allows the company to reach its true potential. At Boston College, I participated in team-building projects that gave me invaluable experience that translated into my career.


Following graduation, my entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Ken Watterworth Inc., a painting company specializing in high-quality commercial projects. Through a combination of dedicated service and meticulous craftsmanship, the company experienced rapid growth, securing notable contracts across Waterbury and beyond. In 1991, I expanded my repertoire by establishing Pro-Tect Inc., a fireproofing business dedicated to ensuring the structural integrity of steel buildings. Pro-Tect quickly built a strong reputation within the construction industry, earning substantial contracts on significant projects throughout the state.


Today, I focus my attention on Pro-Tect, Inc., and I am proud that we have grown into the largest fireproofing company in Connecticut. We pride ourselves on being competitive and performing quality work for our customers.